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The proposals covers four areas of South Ken and means:

  1. The large-scale demolition of existing buildings and their replacement with higher ones

  2. The construction of out-of-scale new buildings in areas where none currently exist.

See the 2016 plans

The Bullnose

The historic Grade II Listed building will be torn down and replaced by a domineering office building. We will lose the light and open atmosphere of our low-built area and protected views of the Natural History Museum and the V&A Museum. The new building will loom over views from every direction.

Thurloe Bridge

The corner where Grade II* Listed Pelham Place, Grade II Listed Thurloe Square and Pelham Street meet has been open and light-filled since 1868. The proposed five story plus building is grossly oversized and incongruous.

Pelham Street

Pelham Street, with its low-built houses and cottages, will be transformed. As the developers acknowledge, it will be ‘a street canyon.’ Increased pollution and congestion on this narrow road will be other long-term results of this overdevelopment.

Thurloe Street

The historic terrace is being demolished and rebuilt with an extra floor and a deeper basement. The new-design basement links to the retail units above, to facilitate the introduction of large fast-food chains in the future. Historical features of the building will be destroyed. Our unique small local businesses will be wiped out.

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