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63-81 Pelham Street

Application Deadline: Monday 5th April 

What are the plans?

The Wellcome Trust has proposed the demolition of the existing building at 63-81 Pelham Street to be replaced with a huge block on a narrow side street.

As residents of South Kensington, we object to the proposed buildings because: 

  • In the context of Pelham Street and neighbouring low built conservation areas, the height, scale and mass of the development is completely out of place.

  • The proposals will more than double the existing floor space with a seven storey building replacing the current four storey one.

  • The current internal loading bays which service the original building will be moved to Pelham Street, where they will replace three pay-and-display public parking places.

  • Wellcome intends for rubbish and deliveries to be wheeled along public pavements and put out for collection, using public space for private commercial activities.

  • The height and scale will compromise the privacy and light of neighbouring homes. Large windows are not obscured allowing overlooking, and light pollution from the extensive glazing to disturb neighbours and invade their privacy.

  • The building fronts a narrow 2-way street which already suffers from congestion. This new massive building will contribute to a canyon effect on Pelham Street which is currently bordered by low-built homes and offices.

This table illustrates the increased building size proposed for 63-81 Pelham Street:

Pelham St Devp 63-81 GIA.png
What can I do?

Although Wellcome have made a huge deal out of their public survey, it is worth noting that only 54 individuals completed it. 

The real public consultation with RBKC is achieved by every resident writing to share their views on the plans.

Register your objections to these wholly unacceptable proposals by the closing date for public consultation of 5th April, 2021:

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 20.06.31.png

Application analytics courtesy of Noku Architecture

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