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Developers Native Land and TfL submitted an amended application on January 12th 2021, but have failed to address the significant concerns raised by the 1,700+ objections from South Kensington residents.

The RBKC website is open for new objections to the application, so make sure to submit any additional comments you may have or object for the first time through their website.

Read the synopsis of the amendments below and then add your objections here:

Synopsis of Amendments


Date: 12/01/2021

My Ref: PP/20/03216

Planning Line: 020 7361 3012

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)

South Kensington Underground Station; 20-48 (even) and 36-46 (odd) Thurloe Street; 1-9 (odd) Pelham Street; 20-34 Thurloe Square, LONDON.

The Council received an application for the above development on 03/07/2020 and the Council wrote to neighbours, interest stakeholders, and the wider community on 07/07/2020 notifying of the Application and proposed redevelopment.

As a result of this consultation process, the Council received a significant number of comments in relation to the application, including at the date of this letter 1,704 objections to the application as submitted.  

Throughout the latter part of 2020, the Applicant has been reviewing the comments received.  Having considered the comments, the Applicant has chosen to make a series of amendments to the planning application as submitted.  The amendments, taken in turn with relation to each part of the site, are set out on the following page.

Thurloe Street

  • Reduction in overall mansard height

  • Changes to the detailed design of mansard

  • Alterations to the ground floor layout including to cycle parking, storage, and refuse and recycling

The ‘Bullnose’

  • Reduction in the level of glazing by 25%

  • Introduction of light grey framing on upper floors

  • Solid backing introduced to stone panels

  • Introduction of additional solidity on eastern elevation

  • Introduction of spandrel panels at ground floor

Pelham Street

  • Introduction of some variation in colour of the buildings

  • Alterations to detailed design of upper floors

  • Introduction of setback to upper floor of easternmost block

·    Alterations to the ground floor layout including to cycle parking, storage, refuse and recycling, and increased pavement width.

Thurloe Square

  • Reduction in glazing and introduction of zinc framing on upper floor

  • Inclusion of detailed design of station fire escape gates at ground floor

  • Alterations to the ground floor layout including changes to cycle parking

Pelham Street Undercroft

  • Identification of potential enhancements to the listed revetment wall including the addition of lighting, planting, and screening

To read the full amendments, view the Revised Content from January 11 by clicking here.

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