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Our personal views on the quality of the architecture, and the issues that will arise during the construction period, are not considered relevant in the consultation process.

The following are valid grounds for comment: 

  • The excessive bulk and height of the development

  • The demolition of a Grade Two Listed building (the Bullnose)

  • How appropriate is the development to the character and the unique setting of the Conservation Area

  • The effect of the buildings on residents’ sunlight and daylight 

  • The harm to heritage assets such as the Thurloe Street terrace

  • The blocking of protected views to the Natural History Museum 

  • The excessive height on narrow Pelham Street creating a canyon effect

  • The effect of the excessive height on the setting of the Grade Two Star Listed Pelham Place

  • The creation of a large basement retail unit in the Thurloe Street terrace, that can lead to the introduction of large scale chains

  • The inadequate refuse, servicing and loading facilities that will drive increased traffic, noise and rubbish long-term

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